Dolan Uyghur

Discover an explosion of Central Asian flavours like no others

Country's Most Loved!


The word "Uyghur" means to join or form an alliance, referring to era when Uyghurs formed themselves into nomadic Turkic confederations


Our Menu

Tohu Qorumisi

Stir fried spicy chicken with potatos and capsicum, served with special homemade sauce and flat nooklde


Merwayit Qorumisi

Finely chopped handmade noodles stir fried with seasonal vegetables and choice of lamb/chicken/beef


Zih Kawap

烤羊肉串 (4串起)
Dolan's most famous exotic charcoal lamb skewers (4 skewers)


Tawa kawap

馕包肉 (微辣)
Slow cooked marinated jjuicy lamp curry pieces with carrot, onion, capsicum and spinach served on top of Uyghur naan


Oy Laghmen

A choice of lamb/beef/chicken str fired with seasonal vegetables, served on top of handmade noodles


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