Oy Laghmen

A choice of lamb/beef/chicken str fired with seasonal vegetables, served on top of handmade noodles


Achchiq Quruq chop

Dry stir fried flat or thin noodles with chili, garlic chives, roasted sesame and a choice of lamb/beef/chicken


Uzup tashlanghan permen Qourmisi

Short flat noodles stir fired with seasonal vegetables and a choice of lamb/beef/chicken


Achchiq laghmen

A choice of lamb/beef/chicken, with stir fried Chinese celery, onion and hot chilli, served on top handmade noodle


Toho Qorumisi Hemir

Stir fried spicy chicken curry pieces with potatoes and capsicums, served with special homemade sauce and long flat noodles


Guruch Qorumisi

Uyghur fried rice with minced meat and mixed vegetables


Merwayit Qorumisi

Finely chopped handmade noodles stir fried with seasonal vegetables and choice of lamb/chicken/beef


Zih Kawap

Dolan's most famous exotic charcoal lamb skewers (4 skewers)



Traditional Uyghur style oven cooked buns, stuffed with black pepper, seasonal beef mince and onion


Tawap Kawap

Slow cooked marinated juicy lamb curry pieces with carrot onion, capsicum and spinach served on top pf Uyghur naan


Qowurgha Kawap

Tasty tender lamb ribs with crispy skin, lightly tossed with onion and capsicum strips, seasoned with ground cumin


Piyaz Gosh Qourmisi

Stir fried tasty lamb with spring onion


Achchiq Kosaq

Stir fried lamb tripe with capsicum, onion and red chilli


Nan Kawap

Stir fired lamb with crispy bread pieces tossed in spicy seaso


Poshkal Gosh Qorumisi

Finely chopped seasonal vegetables stir fried with lamb, served with thin layered steamed pancakes


Gosh Nan

Traditional Uyghur pastry stuffed with black pepper, seasonal beef mince onion and capsicum 20.80


Pedigan qorumisi

Braised eggplant, capsicum and onion


Chucimal Berangge

Stir fried shredded potatos with chilli in vinegar sause


Mezzilik Koktat Qorumisi

Sauteed bok choy with juicy Chinese mushroom


Suyu Ash

Slide cut flat noodle soup with seasonal vegetables and lamb


Dolan Gosh Polosi

Famous Uyghur style pilaf cooked with carrot, onion, sultana, chickpeas, apricot and tenderized lamb, served with small slide l salad



Coke/Coke No Sugar








Lipton Tea


Chinese Drinks


Milk Tea


Pot of Tea




Bean starch jelly with special spicy sauce


Samsaq Temlik terhemek

Refreshing cucumber salad with garlic sauce



Mixed salad: capsicum, tomato and union, with Uyghur dressing 8.80


Soghuq Kala Goshi

Marinated beef salad with cucumber and ooion in mild chili sauce



Uyghur yogurt drink


Aq Ash

Once serve of plain handmade noodles


Aq Guruch

One serve of Plain rice



Uyghur naan 1 serve


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